4 February 2015

Albicastro in The Netherlands!

Unknown virtuoso…
Henricus Albicastro

Ensemble Ricreation d'Arcadia

February 13th, 2015, 20:15h
Oud-Katholieke Kerk 't Huis te Poort
Dam 30
3111 BD Schiedam, The Netherlands

Henricus Albicastro (c.1660-c.1730)
[Johann Heinrich von Weissenburg]
Sonata I in Re maggiore op. 8-1
Allegro – Spirituoso – Adagio – Allegro – Grave – Allegro – Allegro

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)
Sonata a Tre in La maggiore WoO 5
Grave – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro

Sonata a Tre in Re maggiore WoO 6
Adagio – Allegro- Vivace

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621)
Engelse fortuin 
[Von der Fortuna werd ich getrieben] (Fortune My Foe)

H. Albicastro
Trio Sonata in Si bemolle maggiore op.4-3 
Spiritoso - Allegro - Adagio - Presto


H. Albicastro
Sonata XI in mi minore op. 8-11
Adagio – Allegro – Adagio – Presto – Affettuoso – Vivace – Adagio – Affetuoso [sic.] – Vivace – Adagio – Allegro

A. Corelli
Sonata a Tre in sol minore WoO 10 
Adagio – Allegro – Adagio - Vivace

Sonata a Tre in Re maggiore WoO 7 
Largo – Allegro – Grave – Allegro

H. Albicastro
Sonata XII in La maggiore op. 8-12
Suspiranto [sic.] e Adagio – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro – Allegro – Andante – Grave - Allegro

Ensemble Ricreation d’Arcadia

Ayako Matsunaga
Yukie Yamaguchi
Stefano Veggetti (Guest player)
Takashi Watanabe

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marmaduke said...

When and where is your next concert?
I own more than 50 cds of Golberg Variations played on harpsichord, and I think your performance is among the top three. I heard you playing at the Teatrino di Corte in Monza and I was fascinated. Thank's.